Ram Da-Oz
The story of a soldier who was wounded and blinded in the Israeli War of Independence
and overcame his injuries to become a composer of classical music and piano tuner
Ram Da-OZ
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I wrote the five essays I humbly present here on and off during nearly 10 years, from 1999 to 2008. The essays encompass different times and aspects of my life, from early childhood until nearly 2008.  When I was a child of four I came, or more to the point, was brought to Israel (then Palestine under British rule) by my parents, all of us fleeing Nazi Germany.  Like most of my generation, in the first nineteen years of my life I grew from being a child to a teenager and finally a soldier. Till I got drafted into military service I studied, obedient to the will of my parents, Agriculture.  Just prior to twelfth grade I decided to change direction and study music.
In preparation for my future vocation I joined the Tel-Aviv conservatory and studied the oboe and other subjects such as piano, harmony and more. Yet before I finished my first year of musical studies, the Independence War broke out. I was drafted like all young people of my age to what would later become the Israeli Defence Force.  Along with other boys of from agricultural school, I was sent by the army to kibbutz Kinneret in the north of the country.  Towards the end of war we were sent to fight in ‘Operation Yoav’, a campaign intended to release the Negev desert from the Egyptian army’s blockade.  I was badly injured and was left blind in both eyes.
I was sent to a rehabilitation centre in Haifa where I met my future wife Shari.  By 1955 I was a married man.   I was already composing in different classical styles and worked as a full time piano tuner.  And so we lived happily for 50 years, tiIl 2000, when the first signs of Alzheimer's disease were detected in Shari’s behaviour.  Henceforth we had problems. Of that time I speak in my last essay dedicated to my wife Shari, may she rest in peace, who passed away in December 2007.  The other four essays describe my work as a composer, as a piano tuner, my childhood years prior to my injury, my military service and the subsequent consequences of my blindness.
Ram Da-Oz

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